Tee Walker

Tee Walker

Now avail all the advanced Elite Pro+ 3 features for the golfers walking the course ! Only 5” in size and light weight at 230g , Tee-Walker can be carried by walking golfers to enhance their golfing experience , while the golf course is able to automate the management of their on-course players


Features for Golf Managers

Complete Player Management

  • Real time player tracking
  • Pace of play monitoring
  • Player history

Enhanced Communication

  • 2 way communication between the golfer and the marshals
  • Notifications to specific golfers
  • Safety Alerts

Revenue Opportunities

  • Impactful platform for corporate sponsors
  • F&B ordering
  • Walker rentals

Tournament Management in partnership with tournament

  • Automated scorecard update and storing
  • Multiple scoring formats
  • Automated Results & winners
  • Managing ad spaces & Sponsors

Features for golfers

  • Graphics - High defination 2D/3D Flyovers
  • Yardage - Meters to yards on the fly
  • Scorecards - Digital auto popup scoring
  • Pace-Of-Play - Real time Pace-Of-Play monitoring
  • Touch Screen - Fully interactivity, Instant feedback
  • F&B - On-Course order for meals & drinks
  • Pro Tips - Hole-By-Hole playing tips
  • Communication - 2 way comms, request help & get notification for the club

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  • IP68 Dust & Water proof
  • -20 deg C to 60 deg C operating temperature

Internal Battery

  • Independent battery backup
  • Portable and convenient charging stations /dock

Sunlight Readability

  • High resolution display allowing your golfers to view the screen even in bright sunlight

Capacitive Touch

  • The golfer experience is significantly enhanced with the soft capacitive touch